Website plug-ins

Add a plug-in to your website, or even have a new website created, allowing your customers to book their service, track their plumber, or meet the team in a fun and engaging manner.

Using the Surefire website plug-ins, you can offer your customers the facility to request an appointment online, carry out an online boiler estimate, or even have a “where are we now” facility, letting your customers see where your engineers are at any time during the working day.

These new and innovative features ensure seamless communication with your customers directly from your website, automatically notifying you of their requests.

With more and more customers going digital, these features will give you a huge edge over your competitors.

More customers

Tried and tested plug-ins are being used daily to help gain more customers.


When you can use a plug in to show where your engineers are live is pretty powerful.


As things develop further we are constantly creating even more effective plug-ins for our clients.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


Boiler installation quoting


Want to give your customers the option to get a guide on a new boiler cost, before they are ready for an appointment? This tool can save time, money and even give you an edge over the competition.

Book an appointment


Give the control to your customers and show how slick your service skills are, by offering a book appointment tool live to your website. Just plug it in.

Where are we now


If transparency and tracking is important to your marketplace, then the ‘where are we now’ plug-in will be perfect to show on your website so customers can see where your engineers are live.

Going digital


More and more people are going digital and want to book appointments in their lunch break or online without having to go over the phone, these plug-ins can do exactly that.

Speed it up


Various plug-ins were designed to save customers and businesses valuable time when it’s not always a necessity to make a phone call or send a lengthy email, simplifying the process.

Future growth


Surefire is constantly evolving with our clients and we are using and designing cutting edge technology to be at the forefront of the Plumbing, Heating, and connected industries.

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What you’ll get from our demo:

You can invite your colleagues to the screen sharing session.

We will give you a brief overview or an in depth demonstration.

You will see the benefits and immediate savings that can be made.


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