Quote Wizard

Bespoke and detailed quotations automatically generated directly to your customers.

A unique tool which can not only produce a quote of the highest quality in seconds, but will also fill a shopping basket with all required components as you go, providing you with your nett prices at the end of the quote.

Emails and texts the customer immediately, even allowing them to accept and pay a deposit instantly.

This is a unique and ground breaking new tool which will allow you to provide a more professional quote than any of your competitors, in seconds.

Using the latest technology, our Quote Wizard allows you to select your favourite (most commonly used) products and provide your customer with their own unique and extremely professional quote in seconds. You can even see at a glance exactly how much you will pay for the required materials for the job!


The unique Quote Wizard tool can transform the way you present, price and even power onto your next appointment.


Leave your competition in the dark ages, with a quote that is head and shoulders above all, it’ll give you nicer problems to have.


More than ever before, with a quoting tool that is second to none, you need only worry about how to fit the jobs in.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


Complete your customer quote within minutes

With efficiency and time at the forefront of our technology, you can fit in more quotes than ever before. Time is money and not having to remember the finer details of a job later is something that you may never have to do again. A fully customisable quote can be created within minutes and really give you an edge on the competition.

Market leading quoting tool

A customer can make a split decision on how easy a process is and how a company can demonstrate how they work has never been so important. You can literally walk a customer through their quote as you build it, giving them a great experience from the first step.

Immaculate digital quote

The way a finished quote is presented through Surefire really has the wow factor. Gone are the days of a scrappy bit of paper with a handwritten note. With links, pictures and everything displayed clearly for the customer to see there is no better way to impress your next potential client.

Instant pricing for required materials

With live links to supplier’s plugins, you can get up to date pricing and know exactly what the job is costing before you step out of the door. There is even a function to order the materials straight through from the supplier and can even check stock live.

Unique landing/web page for each customer

Each customer has its very own unique landing page and quote, where they can access multiple payment options, accept the quote, and even pay the deposit! Making the whole process simpler , faster, and more efficient; meaning more jobs and even more happy customers.

Email the quote whilst still at the property

By having the ability to instantly quote your customers you can get feedback or jobs accepted at warp speed! Meaning you can be winning new jobs as fast as the internet will allow. This really is the future of quoting and Surefire is sure to give you the edge.

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