Support & training

From the moment you register with Surefire our customer service is right there with you – providing the support when you need it.

Getting started with Surefire

We know that introducing new software into any business can potentially cause unwanted stress and headaches. We work hard to ensure that this is not the case with Surefire. Our Support team have up-to-date industry knowledge and understand the requirements of our software for your business.

As soon as you register with us we work with you to personalise your version of Surefire ensuring it adheres to your company branding and then assisting with the integration of it within your business. We are committed to making it work for you.

Training and support

Whatever your problem or query, we have got it covered. Surefire is designed for ease of use and practicality and we make sure that our app works for you. Our state of the art training centre offers all new subscribers up to 4 hours of free training.

With over 200 help files available at the click of the button, most queries can be resolved with a simple, easy to use search function and if you like the human touch, our support staff are available from 9.00 to 5.00 Monday to Friday. If we can’t answer your problem then we have a screen-sharing service where we can view your “live” screen and guide you through the basics of the software.

Get the
app today

For on-the-go access, anywhere with an internet connection, download the Surefire app today and transform your business.

Our vision - theSurefirejourney


Maximise your team's output

Let your admin staff manage the business in “real time”, including payments, accounts integration, tracking & diary routing, timesheets, job certificates, automated invoices and receipts and all other aspects of the business at a glance.

Equip all your field staff

Allow your engineers to see their diary and routing each morning, take payments directly on our App straight in to your bank account, live integration with Parts Arena, have access to all boiler manuals, order required parts directly from the App.

Real-time portal for customers

Your customers can track your engineer when en route, pay you directly using our App with, receive all reminders automatically via Surefire, receive real time certificates and invoices/receipts, write reviews on the App, and much more.