Dashboards and reporting

A comprehensive suite of reports allowing you to keep a track on everything from converted quotes to customer sources to call-backs.

These features allow you to set up your own personalised dashboard, giving you at a glance, an overview on how the business is operating on a day to day, a month to month, or even a year to year basis depending on your preference. You can monitor anything from sales to customer satisfaction, alerting you quickly and easily to any trends in your business, positive or negative. The reporting section allows you to measure all aspects of your business, from measuring the percentage of quotes you’re converting to seeing how many services you are due to carry out in the coming weeks or months.


If you want to improve your business, a great way to start is by measuring and tracking what you do.


Make changes you need by looking at the stats on the Dashboard prepared automatically.


Streamline your business and increase your performance with the reporting tools.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


Business snapshot


Showing your business in a simple overview, but also allowing you to look closer at the metrics. Should you want to drill down and see all the moving parts in live environment.

Quote conversion


“The Jewel in the crown” this statistic will show you a crystal clear picture of how many quotes you are actually winning against how many customer quotes you are doing.

Trending patterns


Reporting tools are a must have for any growing business, you will learn to spot a trend or pattern in the business before it becomes a problem, or compound what is already going great.

Ahead of the curve


Run a report on what type of appointments you have in the diary to see what sort of jobs you’re going to most often, allowing you to expand as required.

Core market


Through the reporting tool you are even able to see what location your customers are in on a map point, you might not be in the market you want to be, yet.

Marketing effectively


If you know everything about your current customer base, you can easily adjust and tailor your marketing and sales strategy to reach your target audience.

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