and diary management

Manage your and your staff's diaries, including automatically sending customers text confirmations, view multiple engineers diaries at a time and route mapping at a glance.

Whether your customer contacts you via the tools we have that plug into your website, SureQuote, the book an appointment tools, or they simply call you up on the phone, Surefire can seamlessly manage their entire journey from initial contact, right through to completion of works.

A diary designed for ease of use whether you run a business with multiple engineers with various skill sets, or a small business who wants to compete professionally with larger businesses, we have the tools to help.

With our in-built route optimising tools you can even ensure you are getting the most out of your engineers time every day.

picture of a computer showing route before Surefire route optimisation picture of a computer showing route after Surefire route optimisation


Take control of your business by using our cutting edge diary management technology, giving you a clear picture of what, when and how.


Get live updates on jobs and have all the information you need to manage every appointment at the click of a button.


Surefire’s diary is an exceptional tool designed to save you time and money, with route optimisation and live tracking you will have the peace of mind required.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


Engineer route optimisation

Using industry leading technology to effectively plan the most efficient route for your engineers, meaning that there is more time for extra jobs and less miles, allowing your engineers to spend more time on what they do best: helping customers.

Manage all your appointments easily

Never forget another appointment again! With a simple and easily manageable diary system you can create, drag, and move appointments with just a click. Keep track of future and add notes onto each job so you know exactly what is needed and when.

Live diary linked to all engineers

Knowing where your engineers are and what job they are on with a live system is a huge advantage, also giving you peace of mind that things are running smoothly. It also means you can get ahead of the curve in real time when important diary adjustment is needed.

Mobile and tablet friendly app

Using a mobile or tablet on an appointment not only looks professional to the customer, it also negates the need for the use of scrappy bits of paper to record things ever again! Allowing you to build a clear picture of every job and keep and extensive records for each and every customer, ensuring they have the best possible experience.

Easy to use appointment scheduling

Designed by engineers for engineers, our unique system makes it simple for the user to change, add, adjust, and even schedule on the go giving our customers the best experience possible, even if they have never used a scheduling system before.

Engineer live location tracking

When and where can be a very important question that needs answering every day. With our live tracking system you can see the live location of every engineer, you can also get reports for out of hours, daily tracking and so much more. This is a must have if you want to have a complete handle on the daily management of your team however big or small.

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