Service and CP12 reminders

Automate your service reminders seamlessly, allowing you to text, email and send letters to your customers in advance of their appliance service due date.

The Surefire app has most industry certificates built into it, from domestic service certificates, to commercial certificates, electrical and plumbing.

Importantly, each of these certificates has a built in reminder facility, whereby when produced, they will automatically set up a service reminder for the following year, automatically texting, emailing and if required, posting out the reminders to the customer. With a built in facility to auto chase the customer until they schedule the service, they can even book the service via the Surefire “book an appointment” feature via your website.


If boiler services are a part of your business then this feature can make everything much simpler.


With our unique multi step reminder function your customers should never miss there service.


Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical certs and many more, perfect for compliance purposes.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


All industry certificates included on the App including:

Next level compliance


Ensuring you are able to help keep your customers compliant by knowing when and what is due, can really show your efficiency. Another thing to make you stand out as a leading provider your market.

Multi step reminders


By having more than one way to remind your customers, makes sure that they don’t forget when they’re next certificate may be due. We have enough things to remember in this day and age without having to think about another job to be done.

In the system


Once your customers are in the system they can easily be managed and added to. Auto remind via email, text, and send letters to your customers in advance of their appliance service due date.

Warranty warriors


Keeping your customer aware of their warranty status and ensuring it is retained for as long as possible will likely make you a great asset to your customers. Helping your build a strong long term relationship is great for business growth and recommendation.

Time saved


Having all the information already available can save so much time for engineers when booking an appointment. Why not carry out the service that is due whilst visiting the property for another job, one trip one cost.

Superior service


If you have everything under control and can demonstrate you’re able to look after your customer’s interests, they will hold you in high regard leading to more positive review and customer recommendations.

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