Whether you are a small start-up business, or a well established company, Surefire has the tools to help manage and grow your business, with communication to all parties throughout the journey at its core.

Originally designed and developed in 2003 for the requirements of a plumbing and heating business in North Kent, Surefire has evolved into a multifaceted comprehensive business tool. Having taken feedback and listened to the requirements of many other businesses since its first roll out, we have rebuilt the system to take into consideration the needs of everyone using the system.

In simple terms, we have listened to the needs of our users and developed an app that is straightforward to use, therefore making their life a lot easier.

Billy Wilgar
Chief Executive

Our keyfeatures

Surefire offers a unified suite of benefits, giving your business a powerful combination of operational efficiency and exstensive customer management.

Quote Wizard

A unique tool which can not only produce a quote of the highest quality in seconds...

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An online quoting tool which plugs directly into your existing website, enabling your...

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Diary management

Manage your and your staff's diaries, including automatically sending customers...

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Payment gateways

Synchronise Surefire with Stripe for instant payments and SumUp or Go Cardless for...

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Accounts integrations

Synchronise Surefire with QuickBooks or Xero and have all your accounting...

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Merchant integration

Surefire has the facility to plug directly into your Plumb Center account immediately...

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Parts Arena integration

Lookup appliance spares and see both your cost and availability of them with our...

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Dashboard and reporting

A comprehensive suite of reports allowing you to keep a track on everything from...

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Service and CP12 reminders

Automate your service reminders seamlessly, allowing you to text, email and send letters...

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Stock control

Maintain your stock of everything from van stock to a comprehensive store...

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Website plug-ins

Add a plug-in to your website, or even have a new website created, allowing your customers...

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Have your vehicles tracked on a job by job basis, giving you a detailed breakdown of...

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Consumer and property

Let your customers have a unique app branded with your company logo. This app allows...


Route optimisation

With Surefire’s route optimisation tools you can ensure your daily travels....

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Professional website service

Do you need a professional website, generating real...

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During the demonstration we will share a screen and give you a demonstration of the aspects of Surefire which you are most interested in.

What you’ll get from our demo:

You can invite your colleagues to the screen sharing session.

We will give you a brief overview or an in depth demonstration.

You will see the benefits and immediate savings that can be made.


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