PartsArena integration

Lookup appliance spares and see both your cost and availability of them with our unique merchant plugin.

For those of you who carry out repair and maintenance work, we have partnered with Parts Arena to such an extent that not only can you identify which part is required in seconds, but using our unique merchant integration tools, you can also see exactly which branch nearest to you has the required parts in stock.

You can also see your nett price for the parts, and at the click of a button, either on the app or in the backend, have the part ordered for delivery, or use the “Click and Collect” feature which allows you to go straight to the branch and have the parts ready to pick up with a unique customer reference/purchase order number!

Right part

Searching for the right part when you need it on the job can optimise time, money and your reputation.

First time

Why return back to a job, if you could fix it first time because you know where to get the part you need.

Every time

Partnered with Surefire the app, allows access the huge database of parts from the palm of your hand.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


The biggest arena


Parts Arena is the UK heating industry’s most trusted and accurate library of parts and technical information.  Direct from the manufacturer, Parts Arena provides access to countless boiler models and manufacturers for fast yet accurate parts identification.

Database exploded


Their database includes over 120 manufacturers, 8,000 boilers, 200,000 parts, and interactive exploded diagrams, all structured and maintained by a team of experienced production experts on your behalf.

The SmartQuote tool


When used with the SmartQuote tool, it enables users to transform the way they do repairs. When used together you can create an excellent and accurate quote with the part you need.

In the code


The intuitive user interface will appear in via a seamless window, without navigating away from the Surefire app. Part information, including the manufacturer code, can be passed directly into the shopping basket.

Trusted and forward thinking


As the most trusted source of heating data in the UK, Parts Arena is the obvious choice for smart forward-thinking organisations looking to improve customer service and KPIs.

Designed for engineers


Like everything in Surefire we only use what works in the real world, this integration has saved thousands of wasted hours for engineers on the road and continues to do so every single day.

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