Merchant integration

Surefire has the facility to plug directly into your Plumb Center account immediately after using the quote tools.

This feature allows you to instantly see your exact nett costs for all the items in your shopping basket. Not only do you see your prices, you can also instantly see which branches have the materials in stock. If you don’t have a Plumb Center account, you can send the shopping basket list to any merchant to have the items costed or delivered. Merchant integration also enables you to negotiate with your customers instantly, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what all the materials are going to cost. The Parts Arena integration for example allows you to not only identify a boiler spare quickly and accurately, but also to find out where the parts can be collected and how much they will cost you!

Real time

Job Costing in real time is the future and giving you a totally accurate picture when quoting.


Because you can see live pricing directly from a supplier you can see your profit whilst on the job.


Want to know exactly what part you need, tap into the merchant and use their own parts list.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


Plumb Center plug-in


With a huge supplier such as Plumb Center fully connected, you can order items in the basket midway through a quote or even look up part numbers you already know. Click, Click, Boom and you can place an order without picking up the phone.

Quote quicker


When you need a list of parts and don’t want to have to rely on memory later; you will be happy to know that you can look up and create a parts basket which will be ready to be checked, quoted or ordered.

Accurate pricing


A great benefit from having live merchant pricing connected to the Surefire app, is having accurate pricing on every part. Your terms and nett prices are already prefilled meaning you can know whether a job will be worth it before you walk out of the door.

Automate the process


Take the human element out of ordering and get priority over orders, by not having to go through multiple channels to process an order. You can order directly into the supplier via your account and have everything on record, including the order number.

Historical importance


If you want to check on a jobs previous order you can access this straight from the customers tab and even access the previous order basket, to replicate or adjust your next job.

Flexibility in mind


With a growing business it is important to be buying your stock competitively. If you don’t have a Plumb Center account, you can send the shopping basket list to any merchant to have the items costed or delivered.

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