and stock control

Maintain your stock of everything from van stock to a comprehensive store room or lockup using our stock control feature on the app and the website.

Within Surefire, you can create your own unique stock control areas, whether it be a van or a store room.

You can also set up your own bespoke stock within that area and as and when stock is used from that facility, Surefire has an automatic stock replenishment feature which not only ensures your stock areas are always full, but also allows you to measure stock from any given area at any given time via the reporting function.

Our built-in merchant function will allow you to choose your favourite merchant to replenish the stock for you at the click of a button.


Having a handle on all your parts is a vital element to any repair business.


With a click of a button you can see everything you have an create a digital stock room.


Know what you have and how you will manage going into a very busy period.

Manage yourentirejourney


Our keyfunctionalities


Keeping track


So many parts get lost or go missing when things get busy, so keeping track of exactly what is going on in a live environment can be really beneficial to any growing business.

Clear the decks


When you’re in need of a fresh start or things have got too complicated, you can restart your stock control function by removing and adding new stock lists, giving you better control.

Multiple areas


You can have access and create multiple stock areas for whatever you require; whether it’s the van, stock room or company stock.

Parts on order


When parts are on the way you can link them via the Plumb Center plug in, meaning you can see Items that have been ordered and for which job they are allocated to.

Adding parts


Using the stock control is simple to use and anyone can be trained on it within minutes, meaning that is doesn’t have to be one person always controlling the stocklist.

Time saver


Whilst on the road an engineer can use the Surefire app, to check what stock is at the stock room live and save time and money by not having to buy the product again or waiting at the suppliers.

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